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Avoid these Errors and Gain Strokes on the Golf Course

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It is common knowledge that Golf is one of the toughest game ever and to top that it is unpredictable and inconsistent. Golfers often struggle with their consistency and gain stroke in Albany Golf Club. Golf was never meant to be easy even though non-golfers may think otherwise. True golfers take these difficulties as a challenge and love to put the ball in the hole after overcoming all the difficulties. Golfers often commit certain mistakes in their enthusiasm to play the game and increase the difficulty level of the game. This faux pas committed by the golfers not only make the game more difficult but also cost them few strokes on the golf course.

These are some suggestions that you might try to improve your golf playing skills and avoid certain mistakes:

Warming Up is a must

It is very important for golfers to spend some time warming up before they start playing the actual game because it normally takes 15 full swings to loosen up your muscles. Golf is a very inconsistent game so it is difficult for golfers to make their swing work, in the same way, every day. They might hit a draw one fine morning and may be the very next day they may hit a push cut. So it is advantageous to have some range time so that it gives you some idea about the kind of ball fight you can expect during the round. Always make it a point to reach about 15-20 minutes early on the golf course and hit 15-20 balls on the range and invest about 5 minutes on putting. This will help build momentum and gain stroke in Albany Golf Club.

Pay Special Attention to the Location of the Hole

Professional golfers often pay extra attention to the location of the hole and know where to miss and where not to miss their shots but the average or the amateur golfers seldom pay attention to this. The less experienced golfers often think that the fastest way to reach from point A to B is a straight line, but it is not true all the time. This doesn’t make much more birdies but if you could reduce the number of bogeys then you can increase your score.

Grove Park Golf Links is known for their friendly approach and superb service. They offer you the best golfing experience ever and their staff is on hand at all times to make members feel welcome making sure they thoroughly enjoy their game. Both gents and ladies toilets on the course, free use of the driving range with your own balls or ask at the Pro Shop for a bucket of balls, free barbecue facilities on offer to the golfing public are some of the facilities you can enjoy if you become a trusted member of Grove Park Golf Links.


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