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3 Things Female Golfers Should Look For In A Prospective Trainer

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Training without professional guidance is not uncommon but it can seriously affect your game strategy and skill. It certainly makes more sense to have a professional coach guide you through the learning process. Women’s golf clubs in Albany help you get a grasp of the fundamentals a lot quicker. A lot of trainees end up learning basic techniques wrong. And it becomes all the more difficult for them to correct the method later on. Golf fundamentals are very much the same for both men and women. However, there are subtle differences due to the variation in anatomy. This is why women must consider certain points before they select a trainer.

Deciding factors for prospective trainers-

Part of learning from your training is to ensure you can call out mistakes in your technique. Yes, indeed it takes a few lessons before this sensibility kicks in. But female golf enthusiasts should immediately change trainers if even after several sessions also they cannot find faults in their technique. Some exemplary aspects of the sport that female athletes in golf should use as a benchmark for trainers are:

  • A trainer who can give legitimate explanations-

Inquisitiveness can work wonders for your knowledge of golf. The ideal trainer should never discourage a trainer from asking questions. It is not only a matter of experience but also of patience. A lot of times female golfers end up asking numerous questions which drive the trainer irate. However, a truly professional trainer will be patient enough to address even the silliest of queries. Encouragement helps build confidence.

  • Comfortable training women-

Yes, indeed it helps if a female golf learner to pairs up with a female trainer. However, neither is it always possible and nor is it in the hands of the trainee to choose a female trainer per se. In these circumstances, the trainees must ensure they are paired with a male coach who is comfortable teaching the fundamentals to a female golfer. Not every male coach is professional enough for the job, and some do not feel confident and comfortable about it. So, it contributes to practical training if the trainee takes the initiative to find a compatible coach.

  • Improves ergonomic dependencies-

A woman’s body type and flexibility matter a lot when it comes to preparing their perfect swing. Swing methods are not a one-type-fits-all kind of a deal. Every learner needs tailor-made instructions that are based on their body type, to execute a flawless swing. Female golfers should benefit from never settling for a trainer who teaches the same swing technique to everyone, men and women. Women also tend to have different anatomical dynamics for a swing than men. So, in spite of being comfortable with training women, a coach may not be qualified to teach women.

Golf course membership for ladies in Albany, have increased in the past year or so. Thus, it is imperative that female athletes are educated against all that can ruin their approach to the game in the long run.

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5 Tips On How To Improve Women’s Golf Techniques

5 Tips On How To Improve Womens Golf Techniques

For over a century golf had been considered as a men’s sport. However, a lot of women have shown a healthy amount of knack for the game as well as the ability to excel at it. Over the last century and with the dawn of the millennium a lot of women have shown a significant amount of interest in honing their skills at the sport. Australia is not far behind in this trend. A driving range in Albany is leading the pack when it comes to involving more and more women to join the sport.

Women can follow these simple guidelines cited below to improve their performance at the driving range:

  • Bending the hips-

It is common for female golfers to bend their knees rather than their hips. However, turning the knees spoil the center of gravity and therefore, affect the balance of the posture. Bending at the hips allows the female golfer to bank on their rear and shoulder. This allows for a free swing with good balance.

  • Grip correction-

A sound grip ensures a correct swing. However, most female golfers are very tense and rigid when they grip the club before swinging. It is important to let your limbs hang loose and relax. Women who practice without supervision make the common mistake of holding the club in their palms. The club must rest diagonally between the fingers.

  • Swinging at the ball-

A lot of precision must be adopted while striking the ball. Female golfing amateurs often carefully build up the swing only to hit the ball with excessive or abrupt force. Golf enthusiasts among women must understand that the swing must be relaxed and fluid. Regular classes at the driving range should teach them about how the build-up to a good swing is as significant as landing a strike on the ball.

  • Building and utilizing resistance-

A lot of women golfers start out by haphazardly distributing the power in their golf swing. The energy in an ideal golf swing is created from the tension between the upper and lower body. This tension must be released gradually, so the swing is executed smoothly. The higher the angle between the upper and lower body, the higher the resistance built around the hips.

  • Weight shift-

A common mistake that is found in both male and female golfers is the tendency to lock the heels. This makes it harder for your body to execute the swing fully. New trainees should bear in mind that a golf swing must have a gap between the knees and the end of the swing.

Women’s golf clubs in Albany teach the basics of golf in great detail to ensure the fundamentals are ingrained in the trainees’ minds. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman; it takes regular practice and dedication to improve your grasp on golf.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Practice at The Driving Range


Practice makes one perfect’ is an adage that can be applied to just about any form of art or sports exercise and golf is no different. Regular visits to the driving range can improve your game in a shorter span of time than you think. Regular practice shapes your concept of control and pressure application for starters. At Grove Park Golf Links we believe in helping students develop a strong grasp over the fundamentals. After all, it is not about jabbing the ball as hard as possible in the general direction of the hole. So, in order to develop techniques such as end-over end-roll, and prepare you for better follow-throughs, we have a few tips to share which can help you if you enrol at our driving range in Albany.

  • Know how to grip-

We have a drill for teaching amateurs some precision and control over the club and the distance they need to cover with the stroke. It is beneficial to start by gripping the club with only the bottom hand. Try a few strokes at short distances and then gradually build your way up to longer ones. This helps amateurs get comfortable with the club and its function, by the time they start using both hands.

  • Improving your takeaway-

One of the most important segments to pay attention to is the takeaway. ‘The takeaway’ needs careful concentration if you wish to learn it efficiently. Golfers need to understand how the club is going to swing back after hitting the ball. This contributes to developing a keen sense of ball-trajectory, especially over the long distances.

  • Driving away monotony-

This is less of an advice and more of an idea. Practicing the same technique or skill continuously can be a good way to wane your interest in the sport. So, it is more prudent to make your practice interesting. Let your imagination take the wheels on the driving range at times. Getting out your favourite club and starting a practice competition with your trainer or training partner keeps you hooked to the game.

  • Say ‘NO’ to the outside-in swing-

At Grove Parks Golf Links, we cannot stress enough how important it is to develop a style that does not result in an outside-in swing take away. The idea is to drive the ball towards the hole, as squarely as possible. This way you do not end up missing the hole under any circumstance. Monitoring how you are dispersing the stroke from the club allows you to control the swing. Consistency is the key in this regard.

  • Chip your shots-

It is important that you learn to chip your shots properly. And when we say properly, we mean for every scenario, any kind of terrain, and any kind of game. Knowing how much to chip and where saves you the extra strokes you may need to help your ball reach the greens. This may not seem helpful immediately, but it is certainly a difference maker in exhibition matches and competitions.

  • Let go of the club-

One of the most important messages trainers in any driving range in Albany are recommending, is to learn to ‘let go’. The process of letting go in this context refers to letting go of your wrists so that they can apply the lag from your wrist in the swing. Cocking your wrists just about right improves the swing on your balance and increases the speed with which the club-head hits the ball.

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How to Choose a Perfect Golf Courses to Join


If you are planning to join a golf course, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first time you start playing the game you will evidently keep changing one course after another. This will only leave you with the perception that you want to “belong” somewhere and thus seek membership of a club. If you are a resident of Albany and searching for the best Golf Ground, you have landed in the right page. Let’s take a look at the factors that must be the primary concern when you are searching for the perfect golf courses in Albany:

Choose between the two type of courses:

While you are interested in golf courses and researching about the same, you already know there are two types of courses. Public and Private courses – both of them allows you to practice the game with slight differences in the allowance and fee structure. If you are choosing the former one, you have to pay a green fee as decided by the government and use the amenities. In case, you were in search of the private golf course consider choosing Grove Park Golf Links. We are here to provide you with the state-of-art facilities with a pristine landscape that makes the game even more exciting. Along with our Golf Course, you get access to attractive facilities like snacks, cold drinks, barbeque, natural bush setting, hills and also valleys that provide a wider scope for the challenge along with odd angles and several bounces.

Get the sense of how the club treats its members:

As soon as you are visiting the golf clubs in-person, you are sure to get a glimpse of how the staffs welcome each member and also get impressions about the ground. We want to state that these elements do count! You can ask the following questions and get a satisfactory answer to all of them:

  1. Is the clubhouse in a good shape?
  2. Are the grounds maintained well?
  3. Is there a pro shop?
  4. Is there any sort of picturesque view that is soothing for the senses?
  5. How do the staffs behave when they welcome you?

Well, all your worries would be solved and the afore-stated questions answered in a positive note when you are a member of Grove Park Golf Links. We promise to deliver you the best and maintain the standards of our golf course.

Membership of our club is provided to any individual searching for quaint golf courses in Albany along with a wider scope to choose from different packages designed for the player exclusively!

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These 3 Tips Can Help Improve the Tension in Your Golf Swing


For golf enthusiasts, having a flexible but adept swing that covers good distance, is very important. In practice though, it is easier said than done to release a golf stroke that has the appropriate amount of swing in it. Regardless of the skill in the golfer, every now and then everyone makes a miscalculated stroke that goes overboard with the amount of tension applied. In order to learn how to manoeuvre a gold swing without miscalculating the tension applied, it is essential to sign up with the right stroke Albany golf club. At, Grove Park Golf Links, trainers are not only appointed to ensure that every participant is on their way to becoming a winner but also to improve the latter’s understanding of posture, stance and associated dynamics.

Just the Right Amount of Tension-

Trainers suggest that the best way for an amateur golf enthusiast to be vigilant about their tension application is to practice gripping the club. When you proceed to grip a golf club with all your might, you may notice the amount of rigidity in your grasp. Practicing a few swings should further highlight the rigidity and force in every swing that deters the quality of the stroke.

Gripping a golf club and exerting a force on the swing can be compared to taking care of your pet- you want to be disciplined and sure, but you do not want your strictness and sternness to affect the personality of the animal! Similarly, a seasoned stroke requires a carefully measured application of tension, ever so gingerly. A few tips that can improve your game if you are unsure of your tension application, is-

  • Relax your mind-

As much as it sounds like a paradox, you have to work in order to teach yourself how to relax your mind! Believe the trainers, when they say that overthinking your stroke when in practice, is a sure-fire way to mess up your stroke execution in a future game that will matter. The exercise of swinging a golf stroke alone should seem like you are letting go of any worries and doubt you have, in one go!

  • Do not be a headstrong learner-

When it comes to learning any form of art or sport, it does not pay to have an ego. Humility is your best friend. It is only human to have flaws in one’s techniques. But, having the maturity to accept that mistake, when others point it out, is crucial. When you are on the golf course it is best practice to leave your ego at home; the more humble you are, the more you get to hear the improvement-oriented pointers from your trainers, friends and well-wishers.

  • Developing core strength-

Ask any professional golfer and they will educate you that strengthening one’s lower body and upper body is not as essential as strengthening one’s core strength. The key to preparing your physique for golf is to concentrate on your core strength. Do not completely neglect your upper body and lower body, but allow them to be flexible.

Any good stroke Albany golf club worth its salt definitely preaches the above-mentioned points, not once but every day for its trainees.