Women's golf club

Things to Consider in Women’s Golf Club


Women nowadays are spreading their participation in different activities and field of profession. New frontiers are being explored. Thanks to equality, there is now no limitation in what women can do and must do. The pages of mankind’s history have proven the prowess of the feminine population. Those days are gone when they were restricted to stay at home and do household works. The content will stress on the sport where women are engaged nowadays. They actively, productively and competitively participate in many distinguished sports games and one of them is golf. Who can deny the feminine dexterity in the world of golf?

With the popularity of the sport at an all-time high, those images are changing. The women’s golf game has become much more popular in recent years because of the skill level of the professional players. This boom in the game has caused women’s golf clubs to evolve and catch up with the latest technology that is offered in men’s clubs. Women today have more options now for drivers, irons, fairway woods, hybrids and putters that will help them improve their game and enjoy golf even more.

In hunting down the best possible womens golf clubs Albany, one must ask for the advice of a specialist in this specific field. It is extremely fundamental since some retail stores have a salesman that does not have enough information for the things they offer. You would prefer not to wind up purchasing the wrong hardware, isn’t that right? When you are out to scout make sure that you exceptionally understand your grip. The determining factor to measure the grip is through the measure of your hand. It is the most moderate equipment in a women’s golf club set. Grips are inclined to oxidize and smooth. This may lead to make the grip harder and loosen their hold on time. It is highly prescribed to acquire a grip that has the normal lifespan. Moving your grip from time to time will positively affect your execution in the game.

Another imperative thing that must be considered is the length. The length of womens golf clubs Albany has a vital effect on the nature of swing momentum created. It has added a remark with the advantageous of swinging. The more it is the harder would be for you to take control of it. The good thing however about long women’s golf club is that they will have the capacity to swing the ball farther. Beginners are advised to locate the correct length that is proportionate to your height, and the distance between your wrist and the ground when in astride position. In conclusion, one must consider the adaptability of the women’s golf club sets. Stiffer shafts are usually better for stronger hitting golfers.

Each women golfer is responsible to purchase the best equipment for golf clubs to have an astounding performance. A phenomenal women’s golf club with an incredible women golfer will most likely result in a beautiful performance.

Driving Range

Using Drills for the Driving Range When Playing Golf


Do you love going to a golf driving range? Hitting balls at the range is a fun activity. You can hit as many shots without any pressure. You can enjoy the game with some drinks and listen to music. Visiting a driving range in Albany helps in improving your performance in the game. Focus on quality over quantity when practising on the range is a must.

You should plan practice session in Albany area for driving range and learn the techniques of playing golf. You can improve your golf playing skills by practising on the range. It helps in increasing focus towards the game. Practising regularly on the range leads to better chips and drives during tournaments.

4 Types of Drills Used in Driving Range

Pitching/Putting- A standard advice for all golfers is to putt with only one arm. Putting helps in two ways:

  • Restoring eye-hand coordination
  • It helps the golfers to release the putter head properly. Putter head should be the first thing to assess when an individual misses a putt.

When an individual is playing golf with a single hand, one tends to strike the ball towards the hole.

Staying within lines – A beginner may pull or push off the line when playing golf. The first step is to find a flat green space for conducting grill consistently.

The Habit of missing putts – A golfer struggles when it comes to short putts as it usually gets missed. A quick fix solution for avoiding this mistake is choosing a four-foot putt. You can practice putt in golf on the green field. Secondly, stick a tee with the ground and putt balls on top of it. Now, view the tee after you have hit the ball.

Experimenting with grips – When you are on the range and hitting lots of balls; it is the best time to see which grip works best for you. Holds can be judged by gripping your club with spilt hands. This process encourages control and relaxes your arms.

You can visit driving range in Albany all the year around for practising golf. You should play in the driving range as if it is a golf course in every practice session.

Junior Golf

Experience the Best Junior Golf Club Albany has to Offer


Engaging your young ones actively into junior sports activities is a good way for parents who want to inculcate athleticism in their children at an early age. For this purpose, junior golf is a good way to introduce the little ones to outdoor sporting activities. Very few junior golf institutes in and around Albany, Australia, step up to the challenge of inflaming the love for golf. Grove Park Golf Links is one such academy for junior golf enthusiasts. If you are looking to enroll your child into any one of the junor golf clubs Albany has to offer, it is imperative that they provide the provisions to help turn your child into a prodigy.

A state of the art junior golf academy should have faculty members who command the patience to guide a batch of children to hone the basics first. Without knowing the basics of putting and chipping it is difficult for a child to nurture interest in golf. While it helps a child if they have a little sporting background in their favour, the lackthereof should not impede a child from picking up the basics. Peer-revered institutes such as the aforementioned Grove Park junior golf club Albany residents are familiar with, have a revised curriculum that caters to junior students with diverse knowledge depths in golf.

The basic mandatory curriculum an efficient junior golf club should boast of are as follows:

Golf introduction clinics

Usually held in the summer season, a golf introduction clinic’s primary role is to introduce young enthusiasts to the sport of golf. This can also serve as a refresher course for beginner students who have been out of touch from the sport, over theoff-season.

Batches divided by skill-set

It is an excellent way to inspire team-work and unity. Trainers are supposed to encourage students to look after eachother, such that the junior students develop a keen eye for basics like posture and stance by helping eachother in correcting mistakes. It helps if all the students in a particular batch are of the same expertise, as there is less competition, and more individual growth.

Intermediate skill clinics

Intermediate skill clinics are primarily meant to help the beginners who are advancing to the next stage; it assists them in getting rid of the rust accumulated in their iron-swinging skills over the off-season! In layman’s terms, it helps those who have a preliminary expertise in golf to re-orient themselves with the sport.

Private lessons for students

Not all students come with the same attention span, with the same physical prowess. While some flourish when placed in an accepting crowd, some flourish under private attention and scrutiny. Private lessons are huge benefit to these students. Junior students who have some iota of confidence, can also seek these classes as a means of improving a specific aspect of their game.

Junior golf completion and certification

It pays well to have the junior golfers participate in an annual competition. Make no mistake, the competition should by no means be a break-neck fierce face-off, but a survey of sorts, that gives the parents, the trainers and the junior golfers some idea about their skill level. A certification is highly recommended as it prepares the junior golfer’s CV for the next phase.



Three Things to Remember to Improve Your Short Game


A game of golf is not only a hobby or passion; it has many other benefits like it is a great way to stay in shape and also helps you to relieve stress. Playing golf in any driving range in Albany and joining a golf club also introduces you to new friends and provides a social circle outside work and home, which is also beneficial for your mental health. The best rounds of golf have many elements that must come together to play successfully. Many Golfers are good at one aspect of the game but struggle with another.

Many players often struggle to master the short game shot. There are two points of contact when you hit any type of short-game shot. One is when your club head strikes the ball, and the other is when your club head strikes the ground. You need to optimise both in order to hit quality short shots. Here we will discuss some things you need to consider, to help you make the most of your short game the next time you hit the driving range in Albany.

Set up for Ball-First Contact

It is very important that you establish the low point of your swing arc in front of the ball with the setup. You need to stack you head directly above your belt buckle, keep your shoulders relatively level and arms soft. Then take a weaker hold with your trail hand and take a narrow stance with your back foot square while keeping your lead foot flared out toward the target.

Swing on Plane

You need about ten different manipulations to effectively strike the ball before contacting the turf when you are inside and shut. Remember that an on-plane swing requires zero manipulation so swing the club on the shaft plane established in address or slightly above it.

Slide the clubface under the ball for accurate flop shots

Remember to have your clubhead pass the shaft at impact, and pointed right at the target, which adds more loft. Then grip the club from there and keep in mind that if you weaken your grip with your hands rotating toward the target, it will soften your shot.


Golf Club

How to Increase Junior Golf Participation?


Golf is not only a fun sport but also provides key life lessons that are important in every child’s youth. Golf is a sport that not only concentrates on harnessing a range of different techniques on the course but also designed to teach players various skills off it. Junior golfers learn good qualities like honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, and confidence from a young age. Junior golfers are the future of this incredible sport which can be a favorite not only for the boys but also for the girls.

How to make golf more attractive for juniors?

The younger generation may find golf unappealing as the traditional golf follows the 4 hours plus 18-hole format. So, to increase the appeal of golf they should join any junior golf clubs in Albany that has shorter courses, for example, 6-hole or 9-hole course. This would speed up the game and encourage them to play more golf.

Schools have the potential to be a major influencer, effectively contributing towards kindling an interest in Golf. If they play golf in school, they can adapt the basic skills of golf quite early in life and would also get the opportunity to play golf in a much-relaxed atmosphere.

Motivate young players by teaching them the fundamentals of golf introducing them to stroking, swinging, putting, and chipping so that they can smoothly play the game. Make sure that the golf playing experience is fun for them and creates a solid platform for transitioning into higher levels of golf.

Appoint a competent instructor with whom the young golfers can feel connected on a personal level and inspire them to play the game in future. He would be able to inspire the pupils and increase their participation in the game.

Technology can play a fundamental role in making golf much more entertaining and engaging if junior golf clubs in Albany have Wi-Fi connectivity. If they can track their performance and view stats over Wi-Fi the game of golf will become more interactive for them and increase the appeal of the game.