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These 3 Tips Can Help Improve the Tension in Your Golf Swing


For golf enthusiasts, having a flexible but adept swing that covers good distance, is very important. In practice though, it is easier said than done to release a golf stroke that has the appropriate amount of swing in it. Regardless of the skill in the golfer, every now and then everyone makes a miscalculated stroke that goes overboard with the amount of tension applied. In order to learn how to manoeuvre a gold swing without miscalculating the tension applied, it is essential to sign up with the right stroke Albany golf club. At, Grove Park Golf Links, trainers are not only appointed to ensure that every participant is on their way to becoming a winner but also to improve the latter’s understanding of posture, stance and associated dynamics.

Just the Right Amount of Tension-

Trainers suggest that the best way for an amateur golf enthusiast to be vigilant about their tension application is to practice gripping the club. When you proceed to grip a golf club with all your might, you may notice the amount of rigidity in your grasp. Practicing a few swings should further highlight the rigidity and force in every swing that deters the quality of the stroke.

Gripping a golf club and exerting a force on the swing can be compared to taking care of your pet- you want to be disciplined and sure, but you do not want your strictness and sternness to affect the personality of the animal! Similarly, a seasoned stroke requires a carefully measured application of tension, ever so gingerly. A few tips that can improve your game if you are unsure of your tension application, is-

  • Relax your mind-

As much as it sounds like a paradox, you have to work in order to teach yourself how to relax your mind! Believe the trainers, when they say that overthinking your stroke when in practice, is a sure-fire way to mess up your stroke execution in a future game that will matter. The exercise of swinging a golf stroke alone should seem like you are letting go of any worries and doubt you have, in one go!

  • Do not be a headstrong learner-

When it comes to learning any form of art or sport, it does not pay to have an ego. Humility is your best friend. It is only human to have flaws in one’s techniques. But, having the maturity to accept that mistake, when others point it out, is crucial. When you are on the golf course it is best practice to leave your ego at home; the more humble you are, the more you get to hear the improvement-oriented pointers from your trainers, friends and well-wishers.

  • Developing core strength-

Ask any professional golfer and they will educate you that strengthening one’s lower body and upper body is not as essential as strengthening one’s core strength. The key to preparing your physique for golf is to concentrate on your core strength. Do not completely neglect your upper body and lower body, but allow them to be flexible.

Any good stroke Albany golf club worth its salt definitely preaches the above-mentioned points, not once but every day for its trainees.


Driving Range

4 Drills That Helps You in Mastering Golf Game

driving range 105.jpg

The driving range is the training ground for all golfers. You get to interact with professionals to improve your golf swing. The most important element is training is hitting the ball in the right hole. The ball designed for the range is different from the normal golf ball. The intention is that you can see your golf swing.

The driving range in Albany is invaluable for golf training as it is vital to learn the sport. To get the most out of a visit to the driving range, you should practice drills. If you cannot get on the course due to bad weather, a range is the best place to practice.

Drill Techniques to Perform at Driving Range

The best way of learning the technique is to play the sport using a structured approach. You have to work on building your skills individually. Some of the drills used by experts to transform an amateur individual into an expert are:

Experimenting with grips- When you are standing on the range and hitting balls, it is the perfect opportunity to see which works best for you. You can do this by grabbing your club with your hands spilt. Take your time by recognising the maximum grip pressure and experiment by providing different forces and relaxing your arms.

Pitching or putting using one arm- One of the best advice is to putt using one hand as it is beneficial in two ways. First, you can learn how to release the putter head properly and analyse when you miss it. Secondly, coordinate your hand-eye movement for striking the ball. The biggest benefit of using one hand is that you can hit the ball directly into the hole.

Staying within lines- A beginner is new to the sport and he can pull or push the putt off the edge. You can learn how to drill correctly by finding flat green space. Place two clubs and the putter behind the wall and swing it between the clubs and hit the ball.

Avoid peeking habits while putting- Peaking is a typical attitude of golfers and as a result, you tend to miss short putts. Do not peek and ensure you see the tee and hit the ball. It helps in keeping your putter in line and head in place.

The golfer performs a technical drill on the driving range in Albany and makes an attempt to hit his shot accurately. The idea behind playing golf practice drills is to facilitate change in your golf hitting method quicker and faster.

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How can You Utilize Golf Club to Become a Good Golfer?


Golf is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Golf is a perfect sport to play that depends on three criteria- determination, dedication and focus. A player uses a club to hit the ball into the holes using less number of strokes. A beginner might think it is a simple sport but, it requires precision and skill to succeed. Selecting the right stroke Albany golf club is a significant decision a golfer needs to make before every shot.

Key points to Play Golf Better

A golfer should learn the basic techniques of playing the game. Beyond learning the methods, you should also master the art. This is possible by following the tips below:

Aligning the club head – One of the biggest mistake made when playing golf is not aligning the club head properly. Aligning your club helps you in assessing the target from behind the ball. This provides insight on where the hole is situated and where to place the ball.

Select right club – Many golfers think that choosing club is based on the length of the hole. It is not true as picking the correct club is based on factors such as:

  • Wind condition
  • How you strike the ball?
  • Hazards present in golf course

The more you earn experience more you will understand the game.

Do not change your stance – Pick up your stance depending on the club. It is advised to buy a traditional stance than stylish ones. Simply make minor adjustments to your body angle matching with stance width and ball position.

Understand about grip – Golfers need to have a solid grip when playing the sport. You can start by gripping the club with hand and focus on handle placement. Use your hands in a manner that it wraps around the handle comfortably.

Master the art of playing with wind – Playing golf in the wind is somewhat impossible for many players. It is essential to make adjustments with shots and understand how wind works.

Complete the shot – The biggest fear of a golfer is striking the ball in the bunker. When you tend to aim towards swing, have a comfortable and balanced approach.

There are many things an individual can do for improving his game. To learn more about stroke Albany golf club visit the experts today. You should always use the best golf club tool for playing the sport successfully.


Some Useful Tips for Amateur Golfers

golfer25.jpgGolf is a great game for youngsters and old age people. The prime logic behind a good golf swing is hands-on on field experience. If you are a newbie golf player, you may wish to know how to get into the same pace as any good golfer. When you think of verdant golf courses, then Albany, the city in New York is the best choice out of all. The wide variety of golf driving range in Albany serves to be the ideal option for players.

Few important points to look into while playing Golf: 

  • Hold the club properly – Beginners face this problem, and they fail to understand how to hold the club. The trick is to hold it in such a manner where the club rests normally against your hands. Then, to grip the club at that specific angle, placing the two thumbs pointing downwards.
  • An ideal way to grip – After holding the club properly, you need to learn which way to grip the club for a perfect swing. There are three ways to grip a club, namely the Varden Grip, the Interlocking Grip and the Baseball Grip.
  • Right posture – Posture plays a vital role in this game. You need to be relaxed, your feet need to be a width apart, and the inside shoulder is supposed to be pointed to the target.
  • Swing – To hit the best swing, the power needs to come from your body. Without taking a backswing, just try to hit the ball into the air. You need to move the ball more consistently. Striking crisp shots may not be possible for amateurs especially due to unknowing errors. One needs to thoroughly avoid shoulder tilts right in the beginning. For better control and shoulder movements, you need to be trained under a professional.
  • Practice regularly – Practice will help you achieve better control on your ‘swings.’ As an amateur, no matter which club you pick up to hit the swing, until and unless you do not gain control on the rhythm you will not be able to attain the target. To overcome such flaws, daily practice is necessary. Strength and focus – are two important factors that should not be avoided at any cost.

There are golf courses for both, young players and professionals. There are clubs for juniors which offers a series of facilities. Some even allow carts and rental clubs. You may even find snacks facilities in some of the reputed golf training courses. The experienced staffs and urban designed driving range in Albany make it a suitable place for practicing sessions. You can join a session after work or during weekends and swat a ball or two with other golfers!

Driving Range

Using Drills for the Driving Range When Playing Golf


Do you love going to a golf driving range? Hitting balls at the range is a fun activity. You can hit as many shots without any pressure. You can enjoy the game with some drinks and listen to music. Visiting a driving range in Albany helps in improving your performance in the game. Focus on quality over quantity when practising on the range is a must.

You should plan practice session in Albany area for driving range and learn the techniques of playing golf. You can improve your golf playing skills by practising on the range. It helps in increasing focus towards the game. Practising regularly on the range leads to better chips and drives during tournaments.

4 Types of Drills Used in Driving Range

Pitching/Putting- A standard advice for all golfers is to putt with only one arm. Putting helps in two ways:

  • Restoring eye-hand coordination
  • It helps the golfers to release the putter head properly. Putter head should be the first thing to assess when an individual misses a putt.

When an individual is playing golf with a single hand, one tends to strike the ball towards the hole.

Staying within lines – A beginner may pull or push off the line when playing golf. The first step is to find a flat green space for conducting grill consistently.

The Habit of missing putts – A golfer struggles when it comes to short putts as it usually gets missed. A quick fix solution for avoiding this mistake is choosing a four-foot putt. You can practice putt in golf on the green field. Secondly, stick a tee with the ground and putt balls on top of it. Now, view the tee after you have hit the ball.

Experimenting with grips – When you are on the range and hitting lots of balls; it is the best time to see which grip works best for you. Holds can be judged by gripping your club with spilt hands. This process encourages control and relaxes your arms.

You can visit driving range in Albany all the year around for practising golf. You should play in the driving range as if it is a golf course in every practice session.