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6 Tips to Improve Your Practice at The Driving Range


Practice makes one perfect’ is an adage that can be applied to just about any form of art or sports exercise and golf is no different. Regular visits to the driving range can improve your game in a shorter span of time than you think. Regular practice shapes your concept of control and pressure application for starters. At Grove Park Golf Links we believe in helping students develop a strong grasp over the fundamentals. After all, it is not about jabbing the ball as hard as possible in the general direction of the hole. So, in order to develop techniques such as end-over end-roll, and prepare you for better follow-throughs, we have a few tips to share which can help you if you enrol at our driving range in Albany.

  • Know how to grip-

We have a drill for teaching amateurs some precision and control over the club and the distance they need to cover with the stroke. It is beneficial to start by gripping the club with only the bottom hand. Try a few strokes at short distances and then gradually build your way up to longer ones. This helps amateurs get comfortable with the club and its function, by the time they start using both hands.

  • Improving your takeaway-

One of the most important segments to pay attention to is the takeaway. ‘The takeaway’ needs careful concentration if you wish to learn it efficiently. Golfers need to understand how the club is going to swing back after hitting the ball. This contributes to developing a keen sense of ball-trajectory, especially over the long distances.

  • Driving away monotony-

This is less of an advice and more of an idea. Practicing the same technique or skill continuously can be a good way to wane your interest in the sport. So, it is more prudent to make your practice interesting. Let your imagination take the wheels on the driving range at times. Getting out your favourite club and starting a practice competition with your trainer or training partner keeps you hooked to the game.

  • Say ‘NO’ to the outside-in swing-

At Grove Parks Golf Links, we cannot stress enough how important it is to develop a style that does not result in an outside-in swing take away. The idea is to drive the ball towards the hole, as squarely as possible. This way you do not end up missing the hole under any circumstance. Monitoring how you are dispersing the stroke from the club allows you to control the swing. Consistency is the key in this regard.

  • Chip your shots-

It is important that you learn to chip your shots properly. And when we say properly, we mean for every scenario, any kind of terrain, and any kind of game. Knowing how much to chip and where saves you the extra strokes you may need to help your ball reach the greens. This may not seem helpful immediately, but it is certainly a difference maker in exhibition matches and competitions.

  • Let go of the club-

One of the most important messages trainers in any driving range in Albany are recommending, is to learn to ‘let go’. The process of letting go in this context refers to letting go of your wrists so that they can apply the lag from your wrist in the swing. Cocking your wrists just about right improves the swing on your balance and increases the speed with which the club-head hits the ball.

Golf Course

How to Choose a Perfect Golf Courses to Join


If you are planning to join a golf course, there are a few things that you need to consider. The first time you start playing the game you will evidently keep changing one course after another. This will only leave you with the perception that you want to “belong” somewhere and thus seek membership of a club. If you are a resident of Albany and searching for the best Golf Ground, you have landed in the right page. Let’s take a look at the factors that must be the primary concern when you are searching for the perfect golf courses in Albany:

Choose between the two type of courses:

While you are interested in golf courses and researching about the same, you already know there are two types of courses. Public and Private courses – both of them allows you to practice the game with slight differences in the allowance and fee structure. If you are choosing the former one, you have to pay a green fee as decided by the government and use the amenities. In case, you were in search of the private golf course consider choosing Grove Park Golf Links. We are here to provide you with the state-of-art facilities with a pristine landscape that makes the game even more exciting. Along with our Golf Course, you get access to attractive facilities like snacks, cold drinks, barbeque, natural bush setting, hills and also valleys that provide a wider scope for the challenge along with odd angles and several bounces.

Get the sense of how the club treats its members:

As soon as you are visiting the golf clubs in-person, you are sure to get a glimpse of how the staffs welcome each member and also get impressions about the ground. We want to state that these elements do count! You can ask the following questions and get a satisfactory answer to all of them:

  1. Is the clubhouse in a good shape?
  2. Are the grounds maintained well?
  3. Is there a pro shop?
  4. Is there any sort of picturesque view that is soothing for the senses?
  5. How do the staffs behave when they welcome you?

Well, all your worries would be solved and the afore-stated questions answered in a positive note when you are a member of Grove Park Golf Links. We promise to deliver you the best and maintain the standards of our golf course.

Membership of our club is provided to any individual searching for quaint golf courses in Albany along with a wider scope to choose from different packages designed for the player exclusively!

Golf Course

3 Different Golf Techniques That Can Improve Your Golf Score


In order to get better in the game of golf, you need to practice regularly and gradually get better at it. Eventually, no matter how often you play in golf courses in Albany, you will hit a plateau, and feel like your golf game is stagnant. Playing golf gets you more comfortable in situational golf, which is important to how well you play. First tee jitters, hitting out of the woods, or getting up and down from an awkward position are all examples of this, and can improve your score.

Apart from learning the techniques players need to practice extensively to master the golf swing to perfection. The most appealing thing about golf for players is challenging themselves to play at a higher level and improve their performance.  Here are some useful, different techniques that can quickly improve your game of golf.

Look for a place to layup – Most amateur golfers won’t even consider laying up on long par threes. Usually, we think of knocking the ball with the first shot when standing on the tee or par there. But when you are playing a long par three with hazards around the course, then playing all the way up to the putting surface would be a mistake. It is better to look for a place to layup to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

Target the wide side of the dogleg – Aim for the wide side of the dogleg when playing a tee shot on a par four or five to give yourself lots of room to work with. It will give you plenty of space to look forward to setting up many approach shots from the short grass.

Opt for the lower side of the course – It will be better if you prefer the low side of the golf courses in Albany when you are playing the approach shot as you need to consider the slope of the golf course to give a perfect shot. It is also easier to putt uphill and chip uphill if you happen to miss. Professional golfers who have golf course membership in Albany try to keep the ball below the hole, but it usually goes missing in the amateur game. This design of the golf course will work for you only if you know how to take advantage of it.

Golf Club

How can You Utilize Golf Club to Become a Good Golfer?


Golf is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Golf is a perfect sport to play that depends on three criteria- determination, dedication and focus. A player uses a club to hit the ball into the holes using less number of strokes. A beginner might think it is a simple sport but, it requires precision and skill to succeed. Selecting the right stroke Albany golf club is a significant decision a golfer needs to make before every shot.

Key points to Play Golf Better

A golfer should learn the basic techniques of playing the game. Beyond learning the methods, you should also master the art. This is possible by following the tips below:

Aligning the club head – One of the biggest mistake made when playing golf is not aligning the club head properly. Aligning your club helps you in assessing the target from behind the ball. This provides insight on where the hole is situated and where to place the ball.

Select right club – Many golfers think that choosing club is based on the length of the hole. It is not true as picking the correct club is based on factors such as:

  • Wind condition
  • How you strike the ball?
  • Hazards present in golf course

The more you earn experience more you will understand the game.

Do not change your stance – Pick up your stance depending on the club. It is advised to buy a traditional stance than stylish ones. Simply make minor adjustments to your body angle matching with stance width and ball position.

Understand about grip – Golfers need to have a solid grip when playing the sport. You can start by gripping the club with hand and focus on handle placement. Use your hands in a manner that it wraps around the handle comfortably.

Master the art of playing with wind – Playing golf in the wind is somewhat impossible for many players. It is essential to make adjustments with shots and understand how wind works.

Complete the shot – The biggest fear of a golfer is striking the ball in the bunker. When you tend to aim towards swing, have a comfortable and balanced approach.

There are many things an individual can do for improving his game. To learn more about stroke Albany golf club visit the experts today. You should always use the best golf club tool for playing the sport successfully.

Golf Course

Golf – An Excellent Sport for Both, Young and Aged


Golf is a game of accurate swing. It requires immense muscle strength and vision clarity to master this game. Golf game enthusiasts especially senior aged people enroll themselves in par 3 golf course in Albany where they practice the game on the field regularly.

Benefits of playing Golf:

The game is usually played outdoors in an open yard. It requires about 200 acres court covered in grass. The game infuses a sense of freshness and relaxes the body and the mind. Experts believe that this game helps in freeing the mind from anxiety too. Several golfers enjoy practicing the game in broad daylight, which certainly reduces the risk of depression and sunlight promotes Vitamin D to the body.

It keeps your heart rate up. It is more like an exercise and you get to move your arms and legs frequently. It helps you burn calories, brisk walking and moving around keeps your upper and lower body fit and healthy. Spending a few hours playing the game reduces the risk for heart diseases and lowers bad cholesterol as well.

Helps you develop vision clarity. It takes good vision to trace the ball after shooting it with the club. Golfers are trained to aim for small targets from a longer distance. This, in fact, helps to improve the hand-eye coordination and increases concentration in individuals.

This game serves very low risk of injury. It is basically a kind of leisure sport when compared to other sports like soccer or cricket. There is not too much of physical activity and totally relies on pivoting, swinging and mild walking.

It is a socially enjoyable game which allows you to communicate and exchange technicalities with each other. There are various local groups who actively participate in it. There is no age bar in enrolling for this game, thus be it young or old everyone seems to be interested in it. It is not as competitive as football or rugby, therefore you get to meet and form a cordial relationship with many.

You can become a member of any well-known golf club in your locality without much hassle. All you have to do is contact the respective company, ask the details about the practice sessions, the coach, etc. and proceed with the sessions. One can even find out about par 3 golf course in Albany and see if that suits their interest.